World Oceans Day 2020: Incredible Videos from the Mesmerising Land under Water



On the World Oceans Day 2020, we bring you a mixed bag of incredible videos from the stunning habitat under the ocean.

World Oceans Day is celebrated every year on June 8 to create awareness about the benefits that mankind gets from the ocean. Each year a new theme is selected to observe this special day and in 2020 it is “Innovation for a sustainable ocean.”

As various countries across the world observe this day, we bring you a mixed bag of incredible videos from the stunning habitat under the ocean.


Fish Escapes Jaws of Dolphin

Ness Fishery Board recently shared an incredible video. The clip details a dolphin trying to turn a fish into its meal. The caption reveals that the lucky fish escaped “the jaws of death” with only dolphin teeth marks on its side.


Sea Sapphire: an Underwater Creature That Shines

Shared by an Assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, this video of a sea sapphire is absolutely incredible, to say the least. These are the creatures that live deep in the ocean and have a shiny appearance. However, on the surface, where they feed, they are all but invisible.


Dumbo Octopus: Cute Creature of Sea

“Living as deep as 13,100 feet underwater and perhaps deeper,” this species of octopus gets its name from the famous animated movie character Dumbo. The fins of this creature resemble the “flying ears” of Dumbo. Shared by Oceana, an initiative to restore the world’s oceans, on Facebook, this video shows the adorable creature wandering around.


North Atlantic Right Whales

This video shared on Twitter by NOAA’s Farallones Sanctuary attempts to educate people about one of the most endangered ocean species – North Atlantic right whales. The clip also details what one should do if they encounter this creature.


Pod of jumping dolphins

An incredible video of a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins was shared on the official Instagram profile of Ocean Conservancy. The incredible video shows the dolphins jumping in total synchronization.


Trisha Sengupta

Hindustan Times, New Delhi