• Biodiversity monitoring through targeted and long-term observations of the elements of biodiversity associated with collection, processing, storage and transmission of data;
  • Assessment and analysis of impacts on biodiversity, its status and the measures to be taken to prevent its loss;
  • Creation and maintenance of biodiversity database in protected areas in Bulgaria;
  • Supporting scientific research;
  • Assistance in increasing the capacity of institutions and people who collect, manage and disseminate biodiversity data and information and link this knowledge to stakeholders – policy makers, environmentalists, investors and the public;
  • Restoration of damaged or destroyed ecosystems, as well as ensuring zero net loss of ordinary biodiversity;
  • Fighting invasive alien species: describing, controlling their introduction, isolating or eliminating where appropriate;
  • Assistance to promote green infrastructure in key policy areas (Cohesion Policy, Climate Change and Environment, Health and Consumer Affairs, Common Agricultural Policy);
  • Contributing to the increase of agricultural areas, pasture and arable land and permanent crops that are covered by measures related to biodiversity;
  • Assist the management authorities in introducing forest management plans or equivalent instruments for all forests that are publicly owned or for forest holdings above a certain size;
  • Support for fisheries management without significant adverse impacts on other populations, species and ecosystems;
  • Informing and stimulating the local population and civil servants to counteract poaching;
  • Contributing to the full implementation and enforcement of EU and Bulgaria legislation on nature conservation – participation in court cases and the preparation of administrative files aimed at halting and restoring the process of biodiversity loss;
  • Targeted attraction, training and motivation of young people and their inclusion in direct nature conservation activities on biodiversity conservation in Bulgaria;
  • Publishing of information materials (posters, brochures, stickers, etc.), coverage of the status and measures for the conservation of biodiversity in the protected areas in Bulgaria in regional and national electronic and print media;
  • Creating an Internet site containing a rich information and educational database;
  • Initiation of national campaigns in favor of Bulgarian nature.